The Kingdom of God System: A Higher Way of Living – by Creflo Dollar

Creflo Dollar

The Kingdom of God System: A Higher Way of Living - Creflo Dollar - Creflo Dollar Ministriesby: Creflo Dollar

Did you know you can live a stress-free life in the midst of economic hardship, financial crises, and shortage? As amazing as it may sound, you can thrive and prosper in the midst of hard times. It just depends on the system in which you are operating. Those who belong to God have a higher way of life available to them because of their covenant with God. When you know your rights and the promises of God outlined in His Word, you will have absolutely no fear in the midst of chaos.

Make no mistake about it, the world’s system is failing. What is the world’s system? It is Satan’s way of doing things. Based on selfishness and fear, the world’s system is the opposite of God’s Kingdom. For example, when you need money, the world system tells you to go borrow or use credit to meet your needs. Its goal is to get you in financial bondage, not freedom. On the other hand, the Kingdom of God system is based on seedtime and harvest. When you have a financial need, you sow a seed and reap a harvest. God’s way of providing for His people has no strings attached.

Another example of the difference between these two systems is in the area of healing. The world’s way says when something is wrong physically to flood your body with medicine. While there is nothing wrong with getting the necessary treatment from a doctor when you need it, God’s way of doing things brings lasting healing. His wisdom, healing scriptures, and specific instructions to you regarding your health are better medicine than any doctor can provide.

God’s Kingdom is your safety net in the midst of turbulence. He has a promise for every situation you may face in this world. Job 5:22 says, “At destruction and famine thou shalt laugh: neither shalt thou be afraid of the beasts of the Earth.” What a promise! That means when lack and shortage seem to loom all around you, you will be the one having the last laugh! Psalm 91 is also full of promises that guarantee protection from danger and destruction on every level.

The key to operating in God’s system is seedtime and harvest. You do not have to worry where your next meal is coming from or how your bills are going to be paid when you know your God. Your job, in God’s system, is to seek His way of doing things, which means sowing seed. When you focus your efforts on being a seed-sower, everything else will be added to you. There is nothing too hard for God, and as long as you have seed in the ground and are living your life in obedience to His Word, you have a harvest of abundance coming your way! When the world is freaking out, wondering what will happen next, you will be safely positioned in the secret place of the Most High God!

Developing a Kingdom mindset is going to take getting in the Word and renewing your mind. All our lives we have been trained to operate according to the world’s system; we must unlearn those old ways and habits and receive a new “download.” God’s thoughts are higher than the world’s and so are His plans for your life. You have a right to total life prosperity, in good times and bad. All you have to do is receive it by faith and learn to operate in God’s Kingdom.

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Creflo Dollar: It’s Not About You

Creflo Dollar

It's Not About You - Creflo Dollar - Creflo Dollar MinistriesAuthor: Creflo Dollar

I’ve come to realize that the number one reason why people in the body of Christ aren’t experiencing the manifestation of their faith is because of a nasty monster called “selfishness.” In essence, they believe that “it’s all about them.” Selfishness is concerned with self-preservation and protection. It literally cuts you off from the blessing of God because it keeps you from allowing Him to be God in your life. Instead, you crown yourself god and trust in your own abilities more than your heavenly Father’s. In addition, selfishness causes you to operate from a position of always wanting to take the advantage, rather than give the advantage to someone else. Living a selfish life will stop the anointing of God from working for you.

All sin is selfish. It is impossible to be “in sin” without also being focused on your needs and desires. Think about it. When you do something that goes against the Word of God, you’re not thinking about how others will be affected. You certainly aren’t thinking about how God feels about your actions, at least not enough to stop engaging in the activity. If you are struggling with an area of sin, selfishness is in operation. That’s because all sin is based on the platform of self-exaltation and carnal gratification. From adultery and fornication to gluttony and strife, every work of the flesh has selfishness at its root and is propelled by the spirit of fear.

Selfishness is the exact opposite of love. The fruit of the Spirit includes love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness and temperance. When you allow the works of the flesh—adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, envyings, murders, drunkenness and revellings—to dominate your life, you are subject to the kingdom of darkness. On the other hand, when you stay in the circle of love, you stay in a place of protection from the attacks of the enemy.

The only way to get rid of selfishness in your life is to cultivate the love of God. Jesus said in Matthew 22:34-40:

But when the Pharisees had heard that he had put the Sadducees to silence, they were gathered together. Then one of them, which was a lawyer, asked him a question, tempting him, and saying, Master, which is the great commandment in the law? Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.

Whether your realize it or not, the love laws are God’s “general orders” to the body of Christ. Jesus is our commander in chief. He has commanded us to first love the Lord God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength; and secondly, to love our neighbors as ourselves. When we keep these commandments at the forefront of our thinking and purpose to act on them whenever we get the opportunity, selfishness has no choice but to get out of the way!

If you find that your life is being ruled by selfishness, decide right now to take a stand against it knowing that fear is its driving force. Just like faith needs love to operate, fear needs selfishness to exist. The good news is that you have been delivered from the spirit of bondage to fear (Romans 8:15), and you don’t have to live a fear-filled, selfish life.

Jesus has come to set you free from fear and selfishness, so you have the liberty to love God and others freely. First John 4:18 says, “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love .” Just like any endeavor that you are striving toward, so it is with the love of God. By cultivating the fruit of the spirit in your relationships with others, you will become so proficient at the love of God that selfishness will have no room to continue its existence in your life. The saying is true: Practice makes perfect—perfect your love walk today!

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Creflo Dollar: In the Blink of an Eye

Creflo Dollar

In the Blink of an Eye - Creflo Dollar - Creflo Dollar Ministriesby: Creflo Dollar

For centuries, Christians and non-believers alike have heard the statement, “Jesus is coming back soon!” After thousands of years of hearing the same thing and not seeing Jesus’ return, you can understand why the world has turned a deaf ear to the subject. The Bible even mentions that in the last days scoffers would come, questioning His return (2 Peter 3:3-4). Fortunately, the Word provides clear evidence of our Savior’s return, and how those who follow Him will be “caught up” to meet Him in the air. This Second Coming is known as the Rapture, or “the catching away” of the church.

Although the word Rapture does not appear in the Scriptures, it is used by the church to describe the event mentioned in 1 Thessalonians 4:17: “…Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air….” This scripture makes it clear that there will be a simultaneous, worldwide disappearance of Christians. First Corinthians 15:52 says that it happens in “the twinkling of an eye.” Blink your eyes…that’s how quickly it will take place!

There are other biblical phrases that refer to the “catching away” of the church. For instance, in John 14:3, Jesus said, “And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.” Other statements made by Jesus and the apostle Paul regarding the Rapture can be found in Luke 21:28, Titus 2:13, Hebrews 9:28 and 1 John 3:2-3.

The Rapture is not a new concept. According to scripture, three Raptures have already taken place: Enoch (Genesis 5:24); Elijah (2 Kings 2:11); and Jesus (Luke 24:50-51). The fact that three people have already gone to heaven without experiencing physical death should remove any doubt surrounding the fourth one soon to take place in the body of Christ.

No man knows the hour or the day when Jesus will return (Matthew 24:36-37). However, the Word doesn’t say that we would never know the season of His return. God has proven over and over that He doesn’t do anything in the earth without first revealing it to His prophets (Amos 3:7; Ephesians 3:5). Therefore, I am convinced that we will know when this blessed event will occur.

If you are not born-again and living a spirit-filled life, then you are not Rapture- ready; you will be left behind to endure the horrors of the seven-year Tribulation period. The only way to prevent that from happening is to make Jesus the Lord of your life. Then, focus your attention and affection on the things of God instead of on the things of this world (Colossians 3:2).

If you are Rapture-ready, stay ready! Continue to walk in the Spirit and operate in the power of God. An excellent way to maintain those things as a priority in your life is by cultivating the expectancy of Jesus’ imminent return: “Every man that hath this hope in him purifieth himself, even as [Jesus] is pure” (12 John 3:3). Remember, it can happen at any time, so keep watch!

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Creflo Dollar: The Grace to Live a Holy Life

Creflo Dollar

The Grace to Live a Holy Life - Creflo Dollar - Creflo Dollar MinistriesBy: Creflo Dollar

The idea of living a life that completely agrees with the Bible is far-fetched to people in the world. In fact, many Christians don’t really believe that they can live holy lives. Unfortunately the norms and values of society have crept into the church and have begun to shape the way Believers think and live their lives. This should not be. God has called us to a higher standard of living because He has equipped us to live this type of life. His grace is the supernatural empowerment to carry out what He has required of us. We must renew our minds to this truth, particularly as it relates to sexual purity. Many Christians are living sexually immoral lives and fail to realize that they possess the power to overcome sexual sin; however, it takes renewing the mind and developing faith in His grace to overcome these things.

Sexual sin is one of those areas where many Believers continue to struggle. There are some who knowingly and willingly engage in sexual sins such as fornication, adultery, pornography, and homosexuality, knowing that these things are forbidden by God. Others genuinely desire deliverance from these behaviors and are trying to overcome them through will power. It is important to understand that will power is not enough to defeat sexual sin. It is only through the grace of God, the blood of Jesus, and the renewing of the mind that a Christian can begin to see the fruit of holiness in his or her life.

Ephesians 5:27 paints a picture of the image God expects the body of Christ to reflect, “That he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish.” This may seem like a tall order, especially when it says “without blemish,” but God has given us the ability to live sin-free lives.

Sexual immorality is a “fruit” of our old, unregenerated nature—the nature we possessed before we got saved. When we become born again, however, we receive a new nature—the nature of God Himself. This new nature doesn’t produce the fruit of sexual immorality because God doesn’t produce sexual immorality. If we have the nature of God in us, our spirits are not manufacturing sin in any form. If Christians are engaging in sexual sin, it is because they have not allowed the Word of God to change the way they think. They are still allowing their lives to be governed and dictated by the behavior they participated in before they got saved.

We have to understand that we don’t just cruise into Christ-likeness. It takes effort and a decision on our part to align our souls (the mind, will, and emotions) with the Word of God and to cooperate with what our recreated spirit wants to do, rather than our flesh. This is a daily choice that must be accompanied with decisions that line up with the Bible. To be holy means to imitate the Father in thought, word, and deed. When we focus on imitating the Father on a daily basis, we will begin to automatically separate from our old behaviors. By focusing on what we should be doing, we will find ourselves abandoning those things that are judged by God as wrong.

First Thessalonians 4:3 says, “For this is the will of God, even your sanctification, that ye should abstain from fornication.” Sexual sin violates our bodies, the part of us that has been bought by God for a price, and should be used to glorify Him. Jesus lives in every born-again person, and when we sin sexually, we violate His dwelling place. When we walk in the fear of the Lord, however, we cannot commit sexual sin.

There is a grace available to us to be victorious in this area of sexual purity, but we must release our faith in it so that it can work for us. We no longer have to be in bondage to sexual sin because of the power God has given us to overcome it. Meditate on the Word concerning sexual purity so that your mind can be renewed. God’s standard of living is attainable because we have everything we need to achieve it through our relationship with Jesus Christ and the power of His grace operating in our lives.

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Creflo Dollar: Walk in Your Authority

Creflo Dollar

Walk in Your Authority - Creflo Dollar - Creflo Dollar MinistriesAuthor: Creflo Dollar

You don’t have to put up with the devil’s oppression any longer. God has empowered you with the anointing to remove burdens, destroy yokes and to be an overcomer. The devil is a burden that can easily be driven away by exercising your God-given authority.

God has given you His Word and His Spirit as a defense against the devil’s schemes. You’ve been clothed in the armor of God so “…that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil” (Ephesians 6:11). You have everything needed to defeat the devil whenever he shows up at your door. He will keep showing up because you possess something that he desperately wants—your God-given authority to rule and reign in the earth.

When God created Adam, he gave him dominion and authority over the earth (Genesis 1:26, AMP). However, when Adam rebelled against God, he turned his authority to rule over to the devil. Satan then had control over everything except the throne of God (2 Corinthians 4:4). Since Satan contaminated the ground with sin, God couldn’t destroy Adam and make another man from the dust of the earth. Aren’t you thankful that He had plan? He came to the earth as a man. Through Jesus’ death and resurrection, he defeated Satan and took back our authority to rule (Hebrews 2:9, 14), and we have been restored to our rightful place of authority.

Jesus has all power and authority in heaven and earth (Matthew 28:18). Since we were raised with Him, we have all power and authority as well (Ephesians 2:4-7). Therefore, do not neglect your right to rule and reign in the earth. Every time the enemy tries to attack you, consider it an opportunity to exercise your power over him. You have the authority to declare what is lawful and unlawful in this earth, and to permit or to forbid things on the earth—even death (Matthew 16:18-19, AMP).

I challenge you to begin making demands in Jesus’ name. John 14:13-14 says, “And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it.” The word ask means “demand.” What you demand in Jesus’ name (from the Word), He promises He will do. Understand that when you make a demand, you aren’t demanding that God do things. Instead, you are demanding that the devil submit to the Word, to loose his hold and to stop his operations against you.

Faith is involved in exercising your spiritual authority. You must base your faith on what the Word says, not on circumstances. When circumstances do not change immediately, some people become discouraged and begin to speak doubt and unbelief. This only gives the devil dominion over their words, which ultimately defeat them. Don’t hand over your authority to Satan through your words. Instead, break the power of the devil by walking in your authority!

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Creflo Dollar: It’s All in Your Mind

Creflo Dollar

It's All in Your Mind - Creflo Dollar - Creflo Dollar MinistriesAuthor: Creflo Dollar

Your mind holds tremendous creative ability. That’s why God gave you an imagination—so that you could create mental pictures, add faith to them and see those pictures manifest in your life.

Once you have an image in your mind of something you want to do or become, nothing can stop that image from coming to pass. Whatever you meditate on will become the blueprint for your reality. Too often, though, Christians suffer from “stinking thinking.” They give the devil control of their minds by meditating on thoughts that do not line up with the Word of God. Then they reap the results of the curse because their carnal mindset produces the fruit of the flesh described in Galatians 5:19-21.

To keep the devil from gaining a foothold in your life, you must develop a sound mind that is completely controlled and directed by the Holy Spirit. In other words, you must renew your mind with the Word of God. Romans 12:2 says, “And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.” When you become born again, your spirit instantly changes; you are recreated in Christ Jesus (2 Corinthians 5:17). Yet your mind is not recreated. You must conform your thinking continually and on purpose; it is not an overnight, one-time event. Renewing your mind to God’s Word every day is vital. By reading the Scriptures and meditating on them thoroughly, your thinking will be transformed to line up with the mind of Christ. And when you have the mind of Christ, you can do anything!

When you set your mind on the Word of God, you’ll also experience soul prosperity and peace (3 John 2). The Bible says that the issues of life flow out of the heart (Proverbs 4:23). The word heart in this scripture actually refers to your soul—your mind, your will and your emotions. If you can control your mind, you can control your destiny. But it will take a quality decision on your part to dedicate your life to changing the way you think.

First Thessalonians 5:23 says, “And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.” It is God’s will that your mind, will and emotions be whole, with nothing missing or broken. As a Believer, you can receive a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7). It is then up to you to enforce and maintain soundness of mind by keeping your thoughts and imaginations in line with God and His Word (Isaiah 26:3).

When your mind is focused and directed by the Word, you will position yourself for success. You’ll have wisdom, discernment, insight and the ability to accomplish anything. A renewed, Word-controlled mind guarantees abundance and prosperity in every area of your life. Don’t let another day go by without a daily dose of meditation. Set your mind on the Word of God and let it become the focal point of your life and purpose!

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Creflo Dollar: Become a Superpower for God

Creflo Dollar

Become a Superpower for God - Creflo Dollar - Creflo Dollar MinistriesAuthor: Creflo Dollar

As a child, did you ever imagine that you had powers like your favorite superhero? Now that you’re an adult, those superpowers would definitely come in handy, especially during rush hour. But as an ordinary human being, your abilities are limited. As a born-again Christian, however, God has given you the ability to walk in supernatural power to demonstrate His capabilities to the world (Mark 16:15-20). Jesus performed miracles that astonished everyone—everything from turning water into wine to raising the dead. We have the same power He had through what we call the anointing.

The anointing is divine power to destroy opposition and ensure success. It is ability and enablement that come from our heavenly Father. Do you perform a job that requires a certain level of skill? Your own human skill is necessary and important, but God’s anointing enhances your skills. In other words, your efforts are more effective when you tap into His ability and combine it with your own.

If you dance, sing, act or play an instrument or sport, you possess a talent. God’s anointing can take your talent to its fullest potential. With the anointing, your performance will go beyond anything you can do on your own. The anointing can manifest in many ways—as unearthly strength to perform incredible feats, godly authority to wipe out sickness and other evils with a simple command, perfect wisdom in every situation and more! God’s anointing is the power to prevail, and it’s available to every born-again Believer.

Maybe you already recognize the anointing in your life. But wouldn’t it help you to have more of God’s power? Many people believe that Christ is simply Jesus’ last name, but the term actually means “the Anointed One and His Anointing.” The secret to getting more divine power lies in getting more of God. The first step to getting more of God in your life is accepting the fact that the Bible, the Word of God, is more than just a “good book.”

Since God is the Word and Jesus is the Word made flesh (John 1:1-14), it makes sense that meditating on the Scriptures infuses us with the spiritual power we need to do supernatural things. For example, if you want to be anointed to heal the sick, you must continually consume the Word as it relates to healing. Once that Word on healing becomes established as true and possible in your heart, you will walk in the power to overthrow spirits of infirmity (Luke 9:1-2).

The level of your anointing depends on the depth of your relationship with God and with Jesus. Don’t live a mediocre, powerless life! We are called to do greater works than Jesus did (John 14:12). Can God use you to perform extraordinary exploits for Him (Daniel 11:32)? Allow the Word of God to captivate you, and you will dominate and succeed in every environment. Become the best executive, business entrepreneur, teacher, parent, spouse or friend you can be with the anointing. Become a superpower!

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Creflo Dollar: The Root to a Closed Spirit


The Root to a Closed Spirit - Creflo Dollar - Creflo Dollar MinistriesAuthor: Creflo Dollar

Forgive and forget? Never! That’s how many people feel when it comes to dealing with pain and hurt from the past. As a result, they shut the pain out of their lives by shutting people out, particularly those who have hurt them. But what they don’t realize is that while they are closing the door on people, they are also closing their spirit to God and His blessings for their lives.

The root cause of a closed spirit is unforgiveness. You may be experiencing challenges in this area without being fully aware. Please realize, however, that feelings of neglect, abuse, fear, selfishness and pride can all make you feel as though you can’t or shouldn’t forgive others. But your unforgiveness is actually hurting you more than it is hurting anyone else. Your efforts to build a wall and protect yourself may turn into anger, resentment and bitterness, and these negative emotions will rob you of true joy, leaving you feeling “dis-eased” in your soul and body.

Unforgiveness is a blessing-blocker. It keeps you from receiving the blessings that God has in store for you and prevents you from carrying out His will. Unforgiveness also grieves the Holy Spirit because when you have negative thoughts and emotions in your heart it prevents Him from helping you. The Holy Spirit is your Helper, but He can’t be a blessing to you as long as you continue to hold on to unforgiveness.

When you choose not to forgive someone, it also has serious consequences in eternity. Matthew 6:14-15 says, “For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you: But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.” God makes it perfectly clear: If you don’t forgive your brothers or sisters, He can’t forgive you! Think about that for a moment. Imagine how it would feel to arrive at the gates of heaven, only to have God tell you that He can’t forgive you and let you into heaven because of your failure to forgive others. Are you willing to let your unforgiveness toward someone rob you of your place in heaven? Everyone—including you—needs to be forgiven for something. That’s why Jesus died on the cross—to offer total forgiveness for all sin. If Jesus can forgive you for what you have done, then surely you can show forgiveness too.

The Bible tells us that love takes no account of the evil done to it (1 Corinthians 13:5). Make up your mind today to walk in love with all people, even those who have hurt you. Nothing is worth the price of losing your place in heaven or missing your blessings. If you’ve already forgiven, make sure you also forget the offense. And if hurt, resentment and bitterness have caused you to build walls around your heart to block out pain, tear down those walls with the power of forgiveness. By knocking down those walls, you can experience supernatural increase in your relationship with God and with others. You will open your spirit to receive everything that God wants to bless you with!

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Dr. Creflo Dollar: You’re Such a Know-It-All!

Creflo Dollar

You're Such a Know-It-All! - Creflo Dollar - Creflo Dollar MinistriesAuthor: Creflo Dollar

Making major life decisions is sometimes a difficult task. Questions like, Which job should I take? Is this the person I should marry? Should I buy this house? or Should I join this ministry? often trouble people who are searching for direction in life. Fortunately, God wants you to know the answers to all of these questions and any others you may have. In other words, God wants you to know it all!

Before Jesus died on the cross, He promised His disciples that He would send them a Helper. The Holy Spirit was the Teacher and Friend who came to lead them and guide them into all truth (John 16:13). The good news is that the Holy Spirit is still here for Believers today!

The mark of a true Believer is the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit. You must have real fellowship with Him in order to have your prayers answered. You may not know which way to go in your situation, but the Holy Spirit knows. And because of your relationship with Him, He is willing to share what He knows with you. In fact, 1 John 2:20 says, “…ye have an anointing from the Holy One, and ye know all things.”

To develop an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit and receive His guidance and direction, you must meet a few key requirements:

  1. You must be born again. Before the Holy Spirit can lead you, you must invite Jesus Christ into your heart and accept Him as your Lord and Savior. When you do this, God recognizes you as one of His children, and He speaks to you and blesses you.
  2. You must develop a spirit of meekness. Meekness is the strength to exercise humility and self-control even while you’re suffering an injustice. When you walk in meekness, God will show you what to do in every situation.
  3. You must have faith. Faith is having confidence in God and His Word. In order to be led by the Holy Spirit, you must first believe wholeheartedly that His words have power, and that acting on His words will change your circumstances.
  4. You must fellowship with the Holy Spirit. Don’t be afraid to talk to the Holy Spirit. Ask Him questions and seek His help. He is a Friend who wants to reveal information that will make you successful.
  5. You must learn to be quiet. Many people have so much drama, stress and worry in their own spirits that it becomes difficult for them to hear the Holy Spirit. But the Bible encourages you to cast all of your cares on Jesus (1 Peter 5:7). When challenges arise, you must learn to say, “You know what? I cast that care away. There’s nothing I can do about it, so I’ll give it over to Jesus and let Him handle it.” By giving your worries and concerns to Jesus, you quiet your spirit. And when your spirit is quiet, you’re better able to hear God when He speaks to you.
  6. You must walk in love. If you want direction from God, you must learn to walk in love. Walking in love means living without malice and anger. When you walk in love and keep God’s commandments, you demonstrate that you love Him. And He wants nothing more than to talk to those who love Him.

Together, these principles will put you in position to receive direction from the Holy Spirit, Who wants to make a difference in your life. Acknowledge His presence and His power, and you’ll discover that, through Him, you know everything you need to know to make good decisions and live the way God wants you to live!

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Creflo Dollar: Living Large


Living Large - Creflo Dollar - Creflo Dollar MinistriesAuthor: Creflo Dollar

Having an insatiable desire for money or material items is just as ungodly as not being able to control yourself where improper sexual desires are concerned. That’s because lust isn’t limited to fornication, adultery and sexual perversion; it can be present in any area of your life where there is an unquenchable desire for something. When you fail to discipline yourself where your spending is concerned, you can open the door to lust just as you can in any other area.

Whatever you meditate on will dictate your actions. If you constantly give your attention to material items you want to purchase, it will create a desire in you to acquire those items by any means necessary, even if you must spend money you don’t have. It’s not wrong to desire things, but it becomes a problem when getting things begins to dictate your priorities and spending habits.

Making impulsive purchases that you really don’t need or spending money that belongs to God are signs that you may be dealing with lust in the area of spending. Building the kingdom of God and sowing into your local church should be your first priorities. When you take care of God’s business, He will take care of your needs and desires. God says that you rob Him when you spend the tithe and fail to give offerings. A lack of control where your money is concerned will prompt you to do these things. If you let your desire for instant gratification take precedence over the Word of God, it will put you in a position for the enemy to come in and devour your finances (Malachi 3:8-11).

First Corinthians 9:25 says, “And every man that striveth for the mastery is temperate in all things….” That includes your spending habits. Renewing your mind is the key to experiencing victory over uncontrolled spending. When you renew your mind, you are able to prove what the perfect will of God is, which includes walking in self-control in every area of your life (Romans 12:1-2).

In order to take back the reins over your finances, you’re going to have to establish boundaries. But before you do that, ask yourself why you feel that you just have to have certain items. Is it because you are trying to maintain a certain image? Are you trying to prove something to your friends? Or are you buying things in an attempt to fill an emotional void in your life? Once you identify the root issue to the way you think, find a scripture that applies to your situation. Then confess that scripture daily so that it becomes rooted in your heart and mind, causing your actions to change.

The next step is to set up boundaries and stay within your guidelines. Think of money management in these terms: give, pay bills, save and use what is left for personal expenditures. You must get your priorities in order. When you know you owe money to creditors, don’t spend it on a high-priced item that you can’t afford. And don’t use God’s money for personal purchases when you haven’t paid your tithes and given your offerings.

Reckless spending, debt and financial bondage are not God’s will. He wants you to experience the good life and have more than enough in your bank account. He wants to bless you, but His ability to do that goes hand in hand with your level of stewardship over the resources you already have. Fill your heart with the Word of God and begin declaring your deliverance. Set your boundaries, stick to them and watch God turn your situation around!

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